Digital Marketing
  • Website Design & Development
  • S.E.O.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Ads & Analytics
  • Remarketing
  • Email Marketing

We seek new technologies and ideas. Our mission is to create a beautiful and perspective digital environment for your business through contemporary marketing techniques.

Website Design & Development

We build responsive websites for diverse business sectors, including healthcare and retail. We work with a team of experts all the way to product release.

  • Personal design and structure

  • Website development


Using all the effective techniques for S.E.O, we build and optimize the content of your website. The goal is to take the lead in organic online search and to use the full potential of converting visitors into real clients.

  • Strategy analysis

  • Keywords research and planning

  • Original content for blog posts

  • Building key cross-linking on the website

Social Media Marketing

We work with creative copywriters, designers and digital specialists, who we successfully collaborate in developing your social profiles with. So that we can improve or build your online branding image.

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Creative visual and text content

  • Social Media Games

  • Communicating with users on the social channels

  • Optimizing paid advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube

  • Report and Analysis

Google Ads & Analytics

We work with Google Ads platform to create and implement advertising strategies for text, display and video ads.

Thanks to Google Analytics, we constantly follow and optimize all active campaigns and ads to reach your potential customers.

  • Keyword selection strategy

  • Copywriting

  • Creation of display and video ads

  • Optimization and tracking of the results

  • Report and analysis of the results


To maintain the interest for your business in the digital area, we use remarketing for effective selection of the target audience.

  • Creation of target audiences

  • Creation of remarketing ads in Google and Facebook

  • Report and analysis

Email Marketing

We add email marketing into our marketing mix for its personal, attractive and direct form of communication.

  • Strategic grouping of customer contacts

  • Copywriting and design

  • Automation of the process with MailChimp

  • Report and analysis of results

  • Marketing Analysis
  • Brand Strategy

We are here to make the first step of your business plan. We explore. We Analyze. We find decisions.

Marketing Analysis

We offer an extensive research and analysis of the trends and key factors for successful brand image building consistent with your business goals.

We analyze:

  • Demographic data

  • Target Market

  • Competitive environment

  • Prices

  • Challenges and barriers

Brand Strategy

We develop a long-term strategy for brand development by offering the opportunity to assist with its implementation through our full suite of marketing services.

  • Identifying of potential customers

  • Research of the behavior of the target audience

  • Positioning

  • Key Message

  • Building a marketing toolbox

  • Process tracking

  • Design
  • Video
  • Content Creation and Copywriting

The focus of our activity is producing creative visual and textual content to engage your clients with your business in a personal and exciting way.


We create design experiences to make your brand distinctive and impressive. Our team of talented designers work for your attractive online positioning with the most innovative visual techniques.

Building visual identity

  • Logo design

  • Production of advertising banners

  • Social Networking Visuals

  • Email Templates

  • Newsletters

  • Infographics


We create video content to deliver the message of your brand in an influential and credible way. The goal is to excite, inform and provoke your audience.

  • Video production

  • Corporate videos

  • Video content for FB

  • Video Ads

Content Creation and Copywriting

Our strength is copywriting to engage users with a strong message. We offer writing original texts, scripts (for videos and events) and various advertising texts.

  • Web content

  • Social Media Content

  • Ad Texts

  • Original articles

  • Editing texts

  • Blog posts

  • Newsletters

  • Press releases

  • Product texts

  • Communication Strategy
  • Media Relations
  • Event Management

Being aware of the media environment and analyzing carefully your competitors, we find innovative decisions for building your online brand identity.

Communication Strategy

We are involved in the whole process - from detailed planning of the campaign channels, key message, target audiences and results, to the realization of the campaign itself.

Media Relations

We offer media planning, paid advertising in media, and long-term media partnerships.

Event Management

We organize events to promote your business and services, and enhance your team work as well.