Back Informational campaign for people with haemophilia - "Get involved!"

Informational P.R. campaign for World Haemophilia Day - "Get involved!"
Client: Bulgarian Haemophilia Association
Period of execution: April 2020

Eclective tream was in charge of the P.R. campaign in Bulgaria for the World Haemophilia Day - 17th of April. In 2020 the campaign was held entirely online, regarding pandemic situation with Covid-19 in Bulgaria. The informational campaign with slogan - "Get involved!" was succesfullly realized with 150 000 people reached in Facebook and Instagram + around 50 000 people audience in the media campaign.

  • Facebook event with 52 000 people reach
  • Facbeook Ad campaign
  • Instagram Ad campaign
  • Influencers' campaign in Instagram
  • Infographics' campaign in Facebook & Instagram with details about haemophilia and treatment
  • Video campaign of influencers and people with haemophilia with the slogan "Get involved!" - with details about haemophilia and call to be supportive
  • Medi campaign with p.r. publications, special interviews with medical professionals, mothers of patients and patients, online guest apperances in TV and Radio shows.
  • Outdoor ad campaign - billboards and in the metro stations